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Here are more recommendation for sun protection products. I promise these will be the last for awhile since you are probably overloaded with information at this point.

Oxybenzonene is an active ingredient used in many sunscreens manufactured in the United States and is a moderately effective sun blocker. However, this ingredient reacts with sunlight to form allergenic and possibly carcinogenic chemicals making it as dangerous, or possibly more dangerous, than using nothing at all.

Oxybenzone is popular because it rubs in well versus zinc, for example, but for safety a sunscreen with either titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as the active ingredient is recommended instead.

Here are more product recommendations I found on a site called “GoodGuide”. Not only do they include customer reviews but the products are also rated by Good Guide for ecological impact and healthfulness, if those things are important to you.

Good Guide is a great site to consult for all ‘green’ product ratings, especially household cleaners.

You can view the sun protection reviews yourself at Following are those I thought were the best per price, SPF rating and customer reviews.

Ø Aveeno Baby Sunblock Lotion…SPF 55…costs about $12.99 and received 5 customer rating stars.

Ø Badger…SPF 30…costs about $11.99 and received 4 customer rating stars

Ø CA Baby Sunblock Stick No Fragrance…SPF of 30+ costs about $15 and received a 4-star rating from users

Ø Coppertone Sport Continuous Spray…SPF 30…costs about $20.84 and has a 4.5 star rating

Ø Kiss My Face 100% Paraben-Free Sunscreen…SPF 30… costs about $10.99 and received 3.5 customer rating stars.

Ø Neutrogena Sunblock Age Shield Face…SPF 70…costs about $12.49 with a 5 star rating from users.

Ø Solar Sense Face Protection…SPF of 45, costs about $36.42 for a 12 pack and received 5 rating stars.

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