Saturday, April 24, 2010


As I promised a while ago, I have included some suggestions for more homemade masks below including some made with herbal teas.

Please remember that masks should always be applied to a clean face and never worn for longer than 10 to 15 minutes. The mask should be removed with warm water followed by toner and moisturizer. Any of the following ingredients should be avoided by those allergic to them. Masking should be done on a weekly basis for best results.

An egg white beaten until fluffy slightly tightens the skin and clears impurities from the pores. This mask can be used by all types of skin without harm.

A honey mask tones, tightens and hydrates aging skin. The hydration continues even after the honey is removed since honey draws moisture in the air to itself. Removal is a little tricky and, especially if used on loose aging skin, should be done with a minimum of rubbing or pulling. The best way is to lay a warm, damp cloth over the face allowing the moisture to thin the honey. You can do this several times.

Vitamins can be added to any mask for added benefits. Vitamins A and E softens and lubricates dry, rough skin. Vitamin C counteracts the effects of environmental agents like sun, dehydration and smoking. Vitamin D has healing qualities. Vitamins can also be added to any gel substance like glycerin to make them more spread-able.

Herbal teas are a great and easy way to mask. Chamomile is calming and soothing. Comfrey root is healing since one of its ingredients is allantoin a natural chemical that increases the speed of cell growth.

Herbal teas should be brewed to be fairly strong. Then, after cooling to room temperature, you can soak a clean cloth, cotton or gauze in the tea, wring out the excess and apply the cloth/cotton/gauze directly to your face.

The tea can also be mixed with glycerin or dry pectin to make a jelly that can be spread over your entire face. If pectin is used, you should make the mask the day before use and allow it to thicken overnight. Depending on how large a batch you make the excess can be refrigerated for a 2nd treatment or shared with a friend.

Try some of these masks for fun and let me know your results or suggestions by writing to me at




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