Sunday, April 18, 2010


Today friends I’m going to talk about something not directly related to skin care but something that will still improve your appearance…whitening your teeth.

I’ve been using this method for about a month with great success. During a recent visit to my hygienist, she was amazed at how clean my teeth were. I hadn’t started brushing more nor had I started flossing (I’ll never do that!). No, I simply replaced my toothpaste with a mixture of baking soda, salt, and hydrogen peroxide.

This combination is not an original idea. A dentist named Keyes developed the system years ago. He recommended its use for patients with gum disease and found that long-term use of the mixture actually generated new gum tissue.

Although I don’t have gum disease, I saw the possibility for whitening my otherwise dark teeth & I drink a lot of coffee. After a week’s use, I saw a marked improvement.

If you find the taste of this combo not to your liking, add either 2 drops of peppermint flavoring or mix in a little of your normal toothpaste.

Try it for a week and see what you think!

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