Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Yesterday I discussed the importance of hand washing when cleaning your face.

Today I want to alert you to the part hot water plays in robbing your skin of its natural moisture as well as aggravating skin conditions.

As recently as our mothers' time, it was believed that hot water aided the cleansing process because the warmth opened pores for more effective cleaning. Then, it was said, cold water should be used to rinse the cleaning agent away. The cold was supposed to shrink pores and tighten skin.

Now we know that extreme changes in temperature actually harms our skin due to the stress on the thread-like capillaries just under the surface in addition to robbing naturally produced moisture in our skin. The longer our skin is dry, the more vulnerable it is to bacterial attack since the 'acid mantel' that holds the protective cell layer in place is our first line of defense against air-borne bacteria.

In addition, although this stress is not thought to be the root cause of a condition called Rosacea, is certainly causes flare ups and severely aggravates the permanent redness and network of visible spiderweb-like veins usually seen in this syndrome.

NEVER, NEVER use anything but warm water for both applying cleanser and rinsing it off afterward.

You face should never feel tight or sensitive after cleansing. If it does you are stressing your skin which could lead to early signs of aging.

In an upcoming post I’ll discuss how to choose a cleanser that matches your skin type as well as some recommendations for products I’ve found to be effective both for myself and for my clients.

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